Friday, January 21, 2011


The Editorial- Examining Social Software in Teacher Education four components were discussed. The first component stated that social software supports scaffolding, where students receive support from other students, teachers and parents. Social software also encourages active participation as well as a learning environment that provides opportunities that otherwise may not be available. Lastly the learning communities provide a safe environment where students can try out their ideas and interact with each other. I found it interesting about the story the author used as his introduction. The social software can be a bad thing, but used in the correct tone can be beneficial to academia.

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  1. Tami,
    I agree that social networking can be very valuable in encouraging students to interact and stay connected. But for it to be safe, I think it requires the teacher or professor to have a mastery of the software. Also I think there students should not connect using their personal social network software. Maybe have a forum that is specific to educational goals and outcomes and is void of personal items that are not appropriate.