Friday, January 21, 2011

Web, Library and Teen Services 2.0

After reading this article I have become more aware that certain social networks (myspace and facebook) are being utilized to create more interest in public libraries. These tools are helping people electronically converse more about book and products in ways they never have. As technology continues to evolve and dominate, books need to be kept alive in libraries trough other means.


  1. Web 2.0 definitely brings more people together and gives individuals the ability to find as much information about anything whenever they want it. Although this information is relatively easy to find today, having a professional, such as a librarian is nice to have in the back pocket. Librarians know how to find specific information efficiently. When I have to do research I find what I am looking for just fine, but it does take me longer than I expect most of the time. With these new softwares, we have the ability to get help from these professionals from literally across the world! Pretty amazing when you think about it. Web 2.0 and others like it will just enhance our experiences while trying to find useful information.

  2. I agree with you. Having a librarian can make things a lot easier for us. With 2.0 it makes everything more convenient and more effective in doing researching.