Thursday, February 3, 2011


Using the leading search tool for blogs proved to be disappointing to me in the fact that when I used the term Kinesiology in several different searches often times no results would return. There were 31 blogs that were returned when the key word kinesiology was plugged in for a general search, but when I inputed Kinesiology into the Blog Directory no results were given. I was disappointed that there seem to not be very many blogs in relation to Kinesiology or even Physical Education for that matter.  Visiting the different “Kinesiology” blogs also proved disappointing because the sites were more directed towards mind-body connection and one blog site dealt with making clothes! The top 100 sites were mostly daily blogs about life and news worthy material. If I was to use Technorati in the future it seems that the keywords need to be exact in nature so that the blogs targeted are what I am looking for.

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