Thursday, February 3, 2011


My experience with YouTube before the Masters program was always entertainment in nature. Mostly the videos that I watched on YouTube were videos that friends had posted on their facebook accounts or videos that my daughters have come across that are funny.  I think that YouTube can also be used in an academic setting as well. One serious dislike I have regarding YouTube would be that there is less than desirable content on the site. There seems to be no filter in the way content can be accessed and if my daughter is on the site some very inappropriate videos can be brought up. Skill videos can be loaded and accessed by students as well as Coaches can use the site to recruit players and watch videos that players upload with their skills highlighted. As a PE teacher the beginning of the year brings many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is teaching students how to open a master lock.  I found a video on YouTube that would be great to attach to a site that the students can access and watch to learn how to open a master lock.


  1. The link is nice but it would be better to have the video embedded. Let me know if I can help.

  2. I fixed it!!!! I love it when I finally figure something out :)